Anatomy of an Intranet (SPSATL 2014)

While many people see the intranet as a pretty (hopefully) homepage, in reality the modern enterprise intranet is a complex animal of many moving parts. Structuring of the information within the intranet, how that information is presented to the user, how the user interacts with it, how the organization manages it, and the physical branding that sits on top of all of it are all critical conversations to have if an intranet is going to be effective. In this session we’ll explore the building blocks of a successful intranet and discuss common intranet pitfalls to avoid on your next intranet roll-out.

SharePoint Branding Best Bets (SPSRIC2013)

Diving into the world of SharePoint branding can be a real headache. What is the best practice for deploying my branding? How do I select a design firm? What is the impact of mobile devices and how do I ensure cross-browser compatibility? What are the new branding tools available in SharePoint 2013? These are all common questions that must be answered during the course of branding efforts. In this session we’ll look at the various aspects of SharePoint branding, and common pitfalls to look out for during your next branding project.

End to End User Profile Services (SPSVB2013)

For many, User Profile Services creates a feeling of both excitement and fear. The force behind SharePoint's user profiles, audiences, MySites, social tags, and more—User Profile Services is both complicated to setup and historically unforgiving when configuration mistakes are made. In this session we'll discuss system requirements for User Profile Services, important changes between SharePoint 2010 and 2013, perform a bulk import of user photos into Active Directory, and provision User Profile Services with Active Directory Import using SharePoint 2013. Additionally, we'll cover requirements and configuration for SharePoint Search, to ensure user profiles are correctly crawled, indexed, and available through SharePoint's search capabilities.

Making Life Easier with PowerShell (SPSATL 2012)

Have you ever spent an afternoon setting site collection properties manually on every site collection in your farm? How about going through and activating features following an upgrade? These are just two simple examples of where PowerShell can turn an entire afternoon worth of work into just a few minutes. In this session we’ll start off with a familiarization of PowerShell and progress into capabilities and usage scenarios of the out of the box SharePoint 2010 cmdlets. Presented at SharePoint Saturday, Atlanta (June 2, 2012)

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Enhancing SharePoint 2010 for the iPad (SPSAusTX 2012)

Despite being marketed as an entertainment device rather than a mobile platform for business, the iPad continues to gain traction as a mobile device for the next generation business user. For some organizations, the rich user interaction and usability afforded by the iPad is a compelling reason to work towards cross-platform capability or iPad specific versions of line-of-business systems. In this session we’ll review custom iPad specific enhancements for SharePoint 2010, including changes to the user interface based on the orientation of the device. Presented at SharePoint Saturday Austin, TX (January 21, 2012).