Delivering SharePoint Success

We just finished wrapping up a great event with the Triangle SharePoint User Group focused on the project management side of SharePoint adoption and deployment. Special thanks to Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux) for coming down to Raleigh for this special event. The Triangle SharePoint User Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month, and additional details about meeting topics and group information can be found on our website, or via our LinkedIn group.

TRISPUG Presentation (2/1/2011)

Despite being marketed as an entertainment device rather than a mobile platform for business, the iPad continues to gain traction as a mobile device for the next generation business user. For some organizations, the rich user interaction and usability afforded by the iPad is a compelling reason to work towards cross-platform capability or iPad specific versions of line-of-business systems. In this session we’ll review custom iPad specific enhancements for SharePoint 2010, including changes to the user interface based on the orientation of the device.

Above is a copy of the charts that I presented at the Triangle SharePoint User Group meeting on February 1, 2011. I've included the separate YouTube video containing a hands on demonstration of the CSS approach after slide 18.